Overall, FECT has participated in various projects in the Maldives. It has contributed to projects related to climate research, climate impact assessment, and climate adaptation. Its members and networks possess expertise in water resource management, disaster risk management, public health, agriculture, fisheries, energy conservation, and renewable energy transition. About half of the projects were externally funded by NAS, USAID, and MacArthur Foundation. We have contributed to about a dozen of proposals on projects.


STEM Education and Capacity Building in Southern Maldives (2018-2019)

Our project focuses on enriching student education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. We support STEM learning in two schools in Southern Maldives.

Climate and Water in Sri Lanka and Maldives (2012-2015)

Climate fluctuations at intra-seasonal time scales (beyond a few days to a few months) have profound influences on the management of water resources to generate hydroelectricity and irrigate agricultural lands.

Masters in Sustainable Development Practice at the University of Peradeniya. (2010 onwards)

The two-year program has been designed to equip development practitioners to address sustainable development challenges across the sciences, health, natural, social, and management.

Climate Change and Drought Monitoring in the Maldives and Sri Lanka. (2014-2017)

Scientists from FECT, MNU, and Columbia University worked with other universities, Water Supply, and Meteorological Services to develop monitoring and predictive tools for drought risk.


  • Climate and Dengue in the Maldives (2014 Onwards) 
  • Climate Predictions for Maldives (2011 onwards) 
  • Planning for Capacity and Science Development in Climate in Maldives (2009-2011) 
  • Climatological Analysis (2010-2011)
  • Satellite Rainfall Monitoring Tool (2009-2010)