We are FECT – Maldives

The Foundation for Environment, Climate, and Technology (FECT) - Maldives capitalizes on climate research, climate adaptation, hydrology, information technology, and education done by its partner organization of the same name in USA and Sri Lanka. It also capitalizes on work done by the staff of the International Research Institute and Columbia University, New York in partnership with the Maldives Ministry of Environment, Maldives Meteorological Services, and Maldives National University.

Quote from the President

"Governmental leaders and corporations are bequeathing existential climate and environmental risks to the young. Will the youth be able to understand, mobilize, and advocate to mitigate risks and adapt? For this, they need credible scientific and societal understanding, suitable technologies and communication tools."

Our Projects

Our Key Partners

Maldives National University
Maldives Meteorological Service
Renewable Energy Maldives
G. Dh. Atoll Education Center